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Alioth Coating Solutions extends the range of products offered

Protective and work clothes are necessary to work in many positions. That is why Alioth Coating Solutions is expanding the range of its products with clothing and health and safety items.

Our new products are: protective gloves, caps, dust masks, aprons, safety shoes and sandals.


Other realizations

Alioth Coating Solutions, thanks to the acquisition of new customers and the continuous strengthening of relations with current business partners, increases its sales.

The company’s turnover after the first quarter of 2022 is 150,000 kilograms of sold welding materials. We are sure that the second quarter will be equally fruitful.

Ladies and Gentlemen ,

On behalf of ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS Sp. z o. o. and SARWELD, it is with great satisfaction and pleasure that we would like to inform you that on October 1, 2021, both companies decided to merge.

The SARWELD company, present on the welding market since 2009, being a dynamically developing company with many years of extensive experience and knowledge in the field of sales, selection of materials or welding equipment, has become an integral part of our company, contributing to it cooperation with leading manufacturers of welding materials and devices and an offer of a full range of branded welding consumables for welding, low-carbon steels, low-alloy high-alloy steels, aluminum, copper, bronzes, nickel.

As a result of the merger, SARWELD remains on the market as a strong partner specializing in the production of top layers, protective and regenerative coatings for surfaces exposed to wear, high temperatures or friction ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS.

We trust that the merger of our companies will be a significant impetus for the further development of ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS and SARWELD, and the combined potential of both companies will allow us to offer our potential customers a much wider catalog of high-quality goods from global manufacturers and professional advice in their selection, as well as MMA welding equipment service , MIG, TIG, plasma cutters and welding holders.

We invite all interested parties to familiarize themselves with the detailed offer of our new catalog of goods and services.

Kind regards,
Maciej Sarnecki, Owner of SARWELD
Jacek Bednarz, President of the Management Board of ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS

Spółka Coating Solutions wygrała przetarg na regenerację zsypów popiołu w Ekospalarni w Krakowie na sumę 1 140 702 zł. Pracę będą obejmowały piaskowanie, metalizację oraz pokrycie powierzchni powłoką odporną na przyklejanie popiołu. Jest to drugie zlecenie na rzecz Krakowskiego Holdingu Komunalnego.

Works on the modernization of the Wrzosowa Machine Park completed! From this month (i.e. June 2021) we are ready to perform work with even greater accuracy through a number of new equipment in our production hall.

Thanks to the most modern machines, we are able to provide you with the highest level of metallization, surface preparation, surfacing and powder coating services. One location, qualified staff and the most modern equipment – this is our key to success.

As the youngest company in the Alioth group, Alioth Coating Solutions has many investments ahead of it. One of them is the equipment and commissioning of the machine park near Warsaw. Own hall will allow for further development and expansion of the company’s offer.

The main goal is to purchase machines for metalworking, metallization, sandblasting and powder coating. Thanks to professional equipment, we will carry out all the required work in one location, which will shorten the time of order completion and increase the quality of services.

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