Welding materials and accessories

Our company has a large base of suppliers who offer welding materials of the highest quality. Our employees will help you choose the most appropriate materials for the client so that the price and quality go hand in hand. In our offer you can find powders, welding wires, welding machines and many other elements needed for welding.

  • pure metals: Al, Cu, Mo, Ni,
  • iron, aluminum and copper alloys,
  • carbides,
  • ceramics.

Welding consumables of the world’s leading manufacturers.

MIG / MAG wires, TIG rods, SAW / UP wires, FCAW wires, MMA coated electrodes for welding:

  • low-carbon steels – fine-grained steels with increased strength, Corten steels,
  • low-alloy steels – energy and boiler steels,
  • high-alloy steels – stainless steels,
  • heat-resistant steels, duplex and superduplex steels,
  • high-nickel steels – Inconel, Hasteloy, Monel.

MIG / MAG wires, TIG rods, SAW / UP wires, MMA coated electrodes for aluminum welding:
Al99.5, Al99.5 Ti, ALMg3, ALMg5, ALMg4, 5Mn, ALMg4.5MnZr, AlSi5, AlSi12.

For welding copper, bronze and their alloys:
CuSi3, CuAl8, CuSn, CuSn6, CuSn12.

For braze welding:
CuSi3, CuAl8.

Flux-cored wires for surfacing and regeneration:

  • MIG / MAG solid wires,
  • G flux cored wires,
  • OA self-shielding wires,
  • wires for UP / SAW flux.
  • pure metals: Al, Zn, Mo,
  • Fe, Ni, Sn, Sb, Cu alloys,
  • flux cored wires containing ceramic particles.
  • MIG / MAG welders,
  • TIG / MMA welders,
  • plasma welding machines,
  • plasma cutting,
  • welding holders.
  • welding holders,
  • gas fittings,
  • abrasives and occupational health and safety,
  • industrial chemistry,
  • welding helmets.

Consulting and selection of welding technologies and materials

Our team of qualified engineers is available to help in every branch of the welding industry. We have knowledge of choosing the right method for a given task and the welding materials needed for this, such as: shielding gases, welding wires, powders for surfacing and many others.

  • selection of welding and cutting methods and technologies;
  • selection of consumables for welding;
  • selection of welding parameters;
  • selection of welding equipment;
  • mechanization of automation and robotization of welding works;
  • the possibility of reducing production costs;
  • organization of welding and cutting processes;
  • conditions and requirements in the field of health and safety and ecology, etc.;
  • information on standards, approvals, certificates, approvals and regulations;
  • other issues in the field of welding.

Welding products

Materials from leading manufacturers

Welding equipment

MIG/MAG welding
TIG/MMA welding
Plasma welding
Plasma cutting
Special welding processes
System IGC

Welding accessories

MIG/MAG holders and spare parts
TIG holders and spare parts
Plasma mounts and spare parts
MMA holders and accessories
Gas fittings
Abrasives and health and safety
Industrial chemicals

Filter ventilation

WAAP filter devices


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