MIG/MAG welding


Professional inverter semi-automatic welding machine designed to work in workshop conditions, giving the possibility of welding light structures. The device is characterized by compact dimensions and low weight of 8 kg. The extensive functionality of the device allows you to work in MIG / MAG, MMA, TIG lift modes. Semi-automatic synergic with the possibility of double pulsation in the MIG / MAG method, thanks to which the quality of the weld does not differ from the weld obtained in the TIG method. Semi-automatic welding machine equipped with a readable LCD screen and Menu in 4 languages enables operation in the following modes: – 1 Puls – single pulse, 2 Puls – double pulse. MIG/MAG standard. Arc ignition modes 2 tact/4 tact, s2T, s4T (welding graph as in the TIG method). SPOT – the possibility of spot welding and the possibility of CuSi3 brazing.


It is a professional inverter synergy semi-automatic welding machine, used in welding low-carbon steel, low-alloy MAG, MIG alloy steel and aluminum alloys. In addition, it enables the use of self-shielding – cored wires for welding without additional shielding gas. The device provides the possibility of welding with coated electrodes – MMA function and welding in TIG LIFT mode. Migomat is designed to work in both workshop and industrial conditions. The device can be used both indoors and outdoors. Solid wheels with a brake system ensure stability when using large shielding gas cylinders. The design advantage of the device are transistors made in IGBT technology. A characteristic feature of this type of transistors is lower power consumption, lower electromagnetic interference, with higher efficiency and a stronger and more stable welding arc.

TRAFIMIG 350 Dual Puls PRO

It is a professional inverter semi-automatic welding machine designed to work in industrial conditions, giving the possibility of welding heavy structures. The device is equipped with a solid transport chassis. The extensive functionality of the device allows you to work in MIG / MAG, MMA, TIG CuSi3 modes. Semi-automatic synergic with the possibility of double pulsation in the MIG / MAG method, thanks to which the quality of the weld does not differ in terms of quality from the weld obtained in the TIG method. Semi-automatic welding machine equipped with a readable LCD screen and Menu in 5 languages allows you to work in the following modes: – 1 Pulse – single pulse MIG/MAG – 2 Pulse – double pulse MIG/MAG – 2 tact/4 tact – two modes to choose from – s2T, s4T – welding process chart as in the TIG – SPOT method – the possibility of spot welding and the possibility of brazing.

TIG/MMA welding


It is a lightweight, portable inverter device that provides the possibility of welding with coated electrodes. The device has a number of innovative technological solutions, described in more detail in the product features. Hero 200MMA is suitable for use in household and workshop conditions. It is ideal for repair, assembly and field tasks. The advantage of the device is the smooth adjustment of the welding current, arc dynamics (ARC FORCE), additionally the device has a VRD module, aimed at increasing the safety of the user working in a dangerous environment that increases the risk of electric shock. In particular, work in places where we are dealing with high air humidity and the welder’s contact with liquids, e.g. during work on sewage systems, work on excavations or in heat and power plants. The device is used for welding steel, including stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and cast iron.

Plasma welding

Migatronic Pi PLASMA / Pi 350 PLASMA

The new Pi 400 Plasma increases productivity Pi 400 Plasma, a three-phase, water-cooled welding inverter designed for plasma welding in the 5-400 A range, is the obvious choice in any possible configuration for automated welding. The Pi 400 Plasma can handle everything from sheets up to 8 mm mild steel and 10 mm stainless steel. The welder offers three optional pulse current functions: traditional pulse, fast pulse and Synergy PLUSTM with or without pulse, using three different plasma welding processes: plasma melt, plasma pressure and plasma mesh welding. It also enables TIG welding.

Features of the Pi digital plasma inverter:

  • electronic control of gas and water flow in the torch,
  • built-in gas saving system,
  • CANBUS communication interface,
  • remote control system,
  • anti-diffusion welding hose,
  • auxiliary arc – safe ignition.

Plasma cutting


It is an inverter plasma cutter, for manual or machine cutting, powered from a 3-phase network, equipped with a non-contact HF ignition system. Designed for work in hall, workshop and production conditions. I find my use in closed rooms as well as field work, e.g. when cutting scrap metal, metal waste. The advantage of this device is the high quality of workmanship, reliability and durability of the electronic components used. Plasma 100 CNC has the ability to work with automatic burners, a digital display of the cutting current, smooth adjustment of the gas outflow delay, and 2-stroke / 4-stroke, the ability to connect a cooler. On the rear panel there is a built-in air preparation unit with a reducer and a pressure gauge. The device is used for cutting various types of metals, including steel, copper, brass and aluminum alloys. The TRAFILUX plasma cutter provides the ability to cut in many planes and in hard-to-reach places.

Special welding processes

With Sigma Galaxy, we are introducing IACTM (Intelligent Arc Control); a new, intelligent and adaptive short arc welding process that responds seamlessly to any changes in the weld pool, arc length, free electrode discharge etc. during welding. The result is a very stable arc with minimal spatter and increased welding speed. Boundary layers are welded automatically thanks to the use of the new IACTM welding programmes, and the IGC® (Intelligent Gas Control) function provides far-reaching savings in gas consumption.

Martin Wendland

– High-energy welding is spreading! Special electric arcs guarantee better quality and significantly increased productivity benefits, especially when welding thick sheets. Their operation can be seen at Technik Team, a company based in the Münsterland region of Germany, which is benefiting measurably by installing equipment from Danish welding machine manufacturer Migatronic.

Technik Team, founded in 2004 in Ahaus, not far from the Danish border, employs nearly 60 people in an 8,000 m2 production facility. In a remarkably short period of time, the company has grown, from a company making metal sheets and steel structures exclusively on contract, into a technology and engineering company offering its own technologically advanced products. The young company’s impressive client list includes Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Scania, as well as other well-known industry powerhouses such as Siemens, Bilfinger and Berger, Flender and Thyssen.

“The main areas of business are the three sectors, or pillars of the market, which means that our financial performance is less sensitive to poorer economic conditions,” says Robert Grave, partner and Managing Director. These three pillars are the contract manufacturing of complex batch products such as standard aluminium enclosures for wind power generators, the manufacture of bespoke equipment typically comprising ‘black steel’ products and heavy steel structures. Technik Team’s portfolio is rounded off by its in-house mechanical engineering department, which has developed an extremely efficient industrial washing machine used, for example, to clean sludge from camshafts. Technik Team is a significant supplier of this machine to the automotive industry.

The multi-certified company professionally employs all conventional production technologies from fully accurate cutting to highly precise edging and overlap preparation to appropriate joining technologies – with welding setting the tone here. “Around 60 per cent of our production comes down to welding,” says Jürgen Terfort, who heads the technology department and is the supervisor of around 50 employees and a small in-house construction unit employing four additional people.

As the turnover of the parts produced, even typical parts, is low, they are entirely welded by hand and by experienced master craftsmen. “We cannot afford to compromise on the quality of our arc welding – WIG and MIG for aluminium, MIG/MAG for black steel,” says Terfort, “Our customers expect excellent welding results – so we focus on quality, and on cost.”

One of Technik Team’s strengths is that it is not afraid to ‘touch’ special steels. Although 70% of its production is focused on ordinary steel, the company does not hesitate to work with ‘exotic’ material, such as extremely heat-resistant stainless steels used as insulation sheets for combustion chambers at operating temperatures of 650-700°C. “We safely go far beyond the norm – we have no problems working with materials that most of our competitors have had to overlook,” says Grave.

Offering an extremely wide range of welding applications, Technik Team traditionally relies on the entire fleet of inert gas arc welding machines from Danish manufacturer Migatronic. We currently use more than 70 Migatronic machines – WIG and MIG for aluminium and MIG-MAG for steel. All machines were selected and supplied by equipment and welding systems broker Meier Schultz, located about 60 km from Bocholt. The family-owned company serves the entire western region of Münsterland – which, according to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, is one of the German foci of the high-quality metalworking sector.

“The discussions with the intermediary were very intensive right from the start, then from Megatronic’s huge fleet it selected the best equipment with the right external devices,” says Terfort, Technical Director. “They have worked very well for me, especially considering the 24-hour marathon over three working shifts – and have never let us down.”

Having used Migatronic machines for many years, Technik Team is pleased not only with the reliability of the machines, but also with their performance and ease of use for the user. With the ability to store up to 160 programmes in the controller, the machine is able to quickly and accurately select the optimum method for a specific welding range. “All machines are supplied with a so-called ‘pulse’ mode, which makes them extremely flexible in adapting to a wide range of production tasks,” says Hans Joachim Meier, owner of the welding equipment brokerage and close business partner of Technik Team.

To further enhance the quality of MIG-MAG technology in the welding of thick sheet metal, Meier recommended the just-launched Migatronic Sigma 2 series in the summer of 2009. The powerful Sigma 2 – with a choice of 300, 400 and 500A inverters – is the flagship of MIG-MAG in the highly differentiated Migatronic range.

In August 2009, a new unit, the Sigma 2, was installed with the aim of testing the safe and fast welding of steel sheets with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 40 mm. “Before we order a large amount of new equipment, we always run trials under natural conditions to see if our welders will feel comfortable and confident operating the new equipment,” – Terfort emphasises. “Here, decisions are not made at the drawing boards, without involving the people who may be affected by the decisions.”

What sets the Sigma 2 series apart – boasting a highly flexible software controller – is the new PoweArc package. It generates a more concentrated arc, with higher energy density, allowing for more efficient operation than conventional MIG-MAG systems. The result is deeper penetration of the parent material and significantly increased fusibility – all at lower current. “Compared to conventional systems, our new PowerArc technology enables a 30% higher efficiency factor,” says Lothar Petri, Managing Director of Megatronic in the German-speaking regions of Europe. “But the biggest advantage of PowerArc is the improved weld quality, which ultimately guarantees higher safety levels in the welding process.”

The Technik Team’s extensive field trial was conducted on an XXL-sized product: a giant emissions stack designed for a new power station. It weighed approximately 17 tonnes, was 11m high and had a cross-section of 4 x 3.5m. Four of these large chimneys – delivered to the power plant with the help of special heavy-duty loaders – had been built for a customer in Ahaus the previous summer. Each of these heavy-duty exhaust ducts was made of heat-resistant 16Mo3 material, tolerating temperatures of up to 530°C. The complex XXL unit, consisting of flanges and extra-strong mounting brackets for lifting by cranes, and sheets with wall thicknesses from 6 to 20 mm. Once the overall geometry of these giants had been prepared, which took around 50% of the man-hours in the project, all joints and seams were solidly welded.

While the first three chimneys were welded using conventional MIG-MAG equipment, the last was built with the help of the new PowerArc welder. This allowed the Technik Team professionals to test and directly compare the two process technologies. “The decisive factor for us was greater process reliability and greater robustness, and this could be confirmed by our practice with PowerArc,” says Terfort. “Performing colour penetrant tests and detailed images of the internal quality of the welded joints confirmed the sustained quality improvement in all configurations – in butt welds as well as T welds.”

No throat defects or bond defects; minimum rework. There is clearly a significant increase in PowerArc performance with T-joints – traditionally one of the most difficult tasks in manual welding. Migatronic’s new high-energy arc welding technology achieves greater strength through improved penetration. It easily covers the entire throat, resulting in a more durable bond. “Typical weld defects, which are practically unavoidable in the traditional MIG-MAG process, are now a thing of the past,” says Clemens Büschelmann, regional sales manager at Migatronic, presenting the potential of the new Sigma 2 series to customers and retailers since its launch. “PowerArc makes the weld pool more precise and solidifies faster, thus guaranteeing a robust joint without any defects.”

Another advantage of the new process: it requires no additional effort and can be implemented under standard production conditions. When testing the new equipment at Ahaus, standard welding gas 8216 and conventional Mo wire (1.5425) were used.

As the Technik Team has consistently used the latest equipment offered by Migatronic over the years, and given the positive test results, there is every indication that the company will enhance its current production equipment with the new Sigma 2 machines. The next design for the power plant’s combustion chamber structure is already on paper – except that the next generation will be even larger (total height – 33 metres). This project seems like an ideal XXL task for PowerArc in the small town of Ahaus.

DOC – also available for single-phase AC machines

MIGATRONIC’s patented D.O.C.® solution was previously only used on three-phase welders. Now, dynamic oxide control has been integrated into all versions of Pi AC welders, and is also possible for single-phase versions. When TIG welding in aluminium, DOC® ensures the creation of a controlled narrow cleaning zone along the weld spot, resulting in an increase in welding speed of 30% and a corresponding reduction in energy and tungsten electrode consumption.

Welding torches

Welders avoid wrist strain with Danish welding machine manufacturer Migatronic winning the prestigious ‘red dot design’ award for its MIG-A torsion welding torch.

The ‘red dot design’ award is one of the most important international prizes awarded for the design of industrial products. It is a German award, but the jury committee includes representatives from the design directorates of companies from all over Europe, the USA and Asia.

The MIG-A Twist torch was first presented at a welding exhibition in Essen, Germany, last autumn. The design of the torch handle ensures that the welder works in an ergonomically compliant position, thus avoiding work-related injuries. It is the handle that is the rotating element in relation to the curved torch and not the other way around, as is the case with traditional moving torches. Regardless of the welding angle, the worker maintains the correct working posture.

Rasmus Falkenberg, industrial designer at Danish design-people, who was involved in the development of Migatronic, talks about the causes of injury and why it is worth choosing the MIG-A Twist:

  • The welding torch stands for maintaining high standards of ergonomics, innovation and product usability, giving an overall impression of quality and functionality.
  • The award is a mark of recognition for the Danish welding torch, which will be exhibited in a design museum in Germany and will be described in the comprehensive annuals of the award along with other award-winning industrial products.
  • The award is a major accolade equivalent to a blue book for industrial products. The rotating function is a revolutionary concept for the MIG-A Twist torch is unique in that it is standard on all Migatronic MIG-A Twist torches and because it is a separate design whereby the handle rotates around the bend of the torch, says Rasmus Falkenberg.
  • Torben Henriksen, Migatronic’s product manager, is proud and happy to receive the international design award.
  • We very much welcome the industrial design award, but what is equally important to us is that the torch is extremely robust and can be physically connected to all welding machines regardless of their brand. In addition, it has the added benefit of having no moving parts inside the torch that can cause leaks, says Torben Henriksen.

IGC System

Migatronic IGC

Intelligent gas control better welding and significantly lower gas consumption!

Intelligent Gas Control IGC® is a unique characteristic for MIG and TIG welding with Migatronic’s user-friendly Sigma2 and Pi welding machines. Traditional gas regulators cause excessive gas consumption, whereas IGC® Intelligent Gas Control automatically calibrates the gas flow rate. The result is 100% optimised gas protection from start to finish of the welding process. Switch on – press – weld. IGC® Intelligent Gas Control is the easy way to achieve homogeneous welds and lower defect rates as well as significantly lower gas consumption and improved profitability at the base level.


The only tungsten electrode grinder with integrated dust filter

With the development of the GREENPOINTER X2 machine, Migatronic has invented a portable tungsten electrode grinder that is both environmentally friendly and capable of grinding high-quality tungsten electrode tips for TIG or plasma welding. The storage cassette and its light weight make the GREENPOINTER X2 ideal for field work. The GREENPOINTER X2 is the only machine of its kind equipped with an integrated dust filter, protecting the operator and the environment from harmful emissions generated during electrode grinding. The filter is replaceable.

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