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Alioth Coating & Welding Solutions distributor of SAFRA brand

Alioth Coating & Welding Solutions distributor of SAFRA brand, an established global manufacturer of welding wires for welding aluminum, copper and its alloys. As a distributor of the SAFRA brand, we welcome customers to cooperate in this area, offering full technical and commercial support, and com ...

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AC&WS & Fliess support production for Liebherr’s Polish subcontractors

In cooperation with German company Fliess, Alioth Coating and Welding Solutions makes weekly deliveries to customers who are Liebherr subcontractors. With efficient communication, top-level products and fast transportation, we are able to provide you with the highest level of our services and produc ...

2023-05-22T10:26:21+02:002023-05-19|Coating and Welding Solutions|

Alioth Coating Solutions expands the range of products offered

Protective and work clothing is necessary to work at many workplaces. Therefore, Alioth Coating Solutions expands the range of products offered by clothing and health and safety articles. Our new products are: protective gloves, caps, dust masks, aprons, shoes and safety sandals. ...

2023-04-26T11:10:47+02:002022-08-23|Coating and Welding Solutions|

Merger of companies: Alioth Coating Solutions Sp. z o.o. and Sarweld

Ladies and gentlemen , On behalf of ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS sp.z o.o. and SARWELD, it is with great satisfaction and pleasure that we would like to inform you that on October 1, 2021, both companies decided to merge. The SARWELD company, present on the welding market since 2009, being a dynamically ...

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Alioth Coating Solutions supports Krakow Municipal Holding

Coating Solutions won the tender for the regeneration of ash chutes at Eko-incinerator in Kraków for the amount of PLN 1,140,702. The work will include sandblasting, metallization and covering the surface with a coating resistant to ash sticking. This is the second contract from Krakowski Holding Ko ...

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