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    The main profile of the company is the production of surface layers, protective and regenerative coatings for surfaces exposed to wear, high temperatures and friction


    Alioth Engineering is a group of qualified engineers with many years of experience in the energy, gas and steel industries


    Alioth logistics is a dedicated vehicle for the implementation of complex, often international, business projects in the field of defense and security at the concept, implementation and management stage


    We offer our clients the highest quality instructors and advisers, trained to the highest standards, in order to maximize the capabilities of people and equipment within the available resources and resources


    We mainly deal with the trade in products and technology for military and special purposes in Poland and the trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic importance with foreign countries


    We offer support in a wide range of technical maintenance of military aircraft and engines, from flightline maintenance, periodic inspections (including boroscopy), defect analysis through workshop repairs to modifications of military aircraft and engines


Alioth Group constitutes a group of companies in which, thanks to our restless spirit of entrepreneurship, we combine unique knowledge, business experience and passion in project implementation.

Our advantage is our team, which, thanks to the deep need to effectively participate in interesting business projects, questioning the reality that surrounds us and the status quo that limits us, effectively combines the need to find the real desired solution with the values constituting our backbone.

  • Expansion of the Group's corporate social responsibility - the Alioth Foundation is being founded!

    This year has demonstrated how fragile and unstable is the security situation in Europe. Therefore, we have decided to further develop the social activities of the Alioth Group, but in a slightly different manner. So far, our experts and employees have eagerly been sharing their knowledge and vast experience in the areas of defence, logistics and national security in the form of interviews and comprehensive publications. 

  • Further modernization works are completed


    Alioth Engineering has completed the modernization of another power unit at the ENEA Wytwarzanie Świerże Górne Power Plant. This time we took care of the maintenance and repair works of the K6 block.

  • Summary of the first quarter

    Alioth Coating Solutions, thanks to acquiring new customers and constant strengthening of relations with current business partners, is increasing its sales.

  • Renovation and modernization works completed

    Renovation and modernization works on unit K10 in ENEA Świerże Górne Power Plant have been completed. The first quarter of 2022 was spent in preparation for the next start-up of one of the steam boilers in the power plant.

  • Delivery of spare parts to the Polish Air Force

    On March 30, 2022, an agreement was signed between 32 Air Force Base in Łask and Alioth Logistics Sp. z o.o. under procedure no. 05/PO/2022. The subject of the contract is the delivery of spare parts for the F-16 aircraft.

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