Alioth Engineering

We conduct research and work in the NDT sector for the largest companies in our country

  • Modernizacja elementów sektora energetycznego.


    Modernization of elements of the energy sector


    We analyze the situation of our clients in terms of operations, we provide goal-oriented advice, instructions and lectures


    A pioneering measuring system based on optical fiber photonics

  • Modernizacja elementów sektora energetycznego.

Alioth Engineering is a group of qualified engineers with many years of experience in the energy, gas and steel industries. We specialize in diagnostic tests, preparation of surfaces for NDT tests, repair and modernization of energy infrastructure elements, gas pipeline tests and assessment of the technical condition of structures.

At Alioth Engineering, we understand the needs and problems of customers, which is why our staff can help in the field of consulting and developing research plans.

  • Renovation and modernization works completed

    Renovation and modernization works on unit K10 in ENEA Świerże Górne Power Plant have been completed. The first quarter of 2022 was spent in preparation for the next start-up of one of the steam boilers in the power plant.

  • TANGO V competition

    A consortium of Alioth Engineering and the Polish Academy of Sciences applied for funding for a project called "Innovative method of measuring deformation and the actual stress level of elements working in elevated temperature conditions using point and linear fiber optic sensors" as part of the TANGO V competition.

  • Alioth Engineering - works in the power plant in Łódź

    After a month of intensive work for the combined heat and power plant in Łódź, our company has completed the regeneration of 3rd stage steam superheater coils.

  • Work on the modernization of the boiler in the power plant in Ostrołęka

    In partnership with the Institute of Power Engineering - Research Institute, we have completed works on the modernization of the main elements of the K1 OP-650 boiler in the Power Plant located in Ostrołęka.

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