ATCS Status Assessment

(Assesment of Technical Condition Structures)
  • Structural condition analysis.
  • Reliability assessment (bearing capacity, durability and durability).
  • Notch and crack test to assess fatigue life or fracture toughness.
  • Determining the size of impacts on structures and their significance.

We often wonder whether a given structure: bridge, tower or hall can still be used, or does not pose a threat to the environment. Assessment of the actual condition of the structure (Assessment of the technical condition structures) is based on an extensive page of the actual condition of the structure. A number of non-destructive and destructive tests, measurements and engineering calculations are used to perform the tests. Thanks to ATCS tests, we can indicate what is happening with the structure, what is the current technical condition, and indicate the further course of work, necessary to protect the condition of the structure.

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