Production and welding

One of the areas of the Company's activity is the production of steel structures, which are made for the needs of its own projects, as well as for customers interested in small steel structures. Thanks to the highly modernized production hall, we are able to create an executive design for you (e.g. sleeve, shaft, load basket), make it and finally install it in a designated place. In addition, the scope of our services includes joining structures using the welding method according to the following methods:

MIG / MAG welding

A method that uses inert or active gases. It is a universal method, characterized by high efficiency and low cost of welding materials. This method can be used for joining unalloyed, low-alloy, high-alloy structural steels, magnesium, copper and many non-ferrous metals. We can find applications in every industry branch, starting from heavy industry and ending with joining thin sheets.

TIG welding

The method is characterized by high quality and cleanliness of the joints. A universal method that allows you to weld thin sheets, from 0.5 mm. The great advantage of the method is the lack of slag, which results in no contamination in the weld. It is most often used for stainless and high-alloy steels, as well as for aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel and their alloys. We can find applications in the food, chemical, automotive and aviation industries.

MMA welding

The most universal welding method. It is characterized by the possibility of bonding various types and grades of metals and alloys: unalloyed and alloy steels, cast iron, nickel, copper and its alloys. Possibility to weld thin elements (from 1.5 mm) and thick (even up to 4 mm). High quality of welds and their mechanical strength. The main industries in which it is used are shipbuilding and pipeline welding.

Plasma welding

Extension of the TIG method to increase the efficiency of the process. 20% faster welding speed. The joint formed as a result of bonding is very strong and durable. Used in the aerospace, processing, chemical and petrochemical industries. Using plasma, we can also cut elements.

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