Structure research using the replica method

  • Determination of the structure of metals and their alloys.
  • Tests carried out directly on the site.
  • Determination of changes in materials operating in creep conditions or when determining the correctness of heat treatment performance.
  • The method is selected individually depending on the specificity of the tested object.

The purpose of metallographic research is to determine the structure of metals and their alloys. Research can be carried out directly on the site. The analyzed surface is ground and polished in order to obtain the so-called metallographic examination. A special foil is then applied to the prepared area, which allows to make a replica imitating the image of the material structure. These types of tests are often used to determine changes in materials operating under creep conditions or to determine the correctness of heat treatment.

The method is selected individually, depending on the specifics of the tested object. Currently, methods based on the phenomenon of acoustic and ultrasonic emission are used to detect damage, with particular emphasis on surface Lamb waves in thin-walled and plate structures.

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