VT visual examinations

(Visual Testing)
  • Detection of surface discontinuities of the object such as: cracks, distortions, slagging, corrosion and erosive changes.
  • Examination of hard-to-reach elements with a borescope or videoscope.
  • Quality control of performed welds.

Visual examinations are the basic research method that allows to detect surface discontinuities of a given object. Cracks, distortions, slagging, corrosion and erosive changes of materials are detected with the naked eye or optical instruments with magnification up to 20 ×. Hard-to-reach surfaces are examined with devices such as boroscopes, fiberoscopes and videoscopes. Visual tests are carried out at various stages of production and operation, during the inspection of machines and devices. An example of the use of visual tests can be quality control of performed welds.

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