Alioth Maintenance Solutions

Your equipment will be in good hands with our multi-tasking team


    Management of maintenance and repairs. We also offer audits and technical training

    Flight service, boroscopic inspections, design of SOP processes and instructions, defect analysis, repair and overhaul of military aircraft and engines

Alioth Maintenance Solutions is a company that brings together experienced MRO specialists for military aircraft.

We offer support in a wide range of maintenance of military aircraft and engines, from flightline maintenance, periodic inspections (including boroscopy), defect analysis through workshop repairs to modifications of military aircraft and engines.

In addition, we specialize in engineering analysis, maintenance and repair management, as well as technical training.

  • Expansion of the Group's corporate social responsibility - the Alioth Foundation is being founded!

    This year has demonstrated how fragile and unstable is the security situation in Europe. Therefore, we have decided to further develop the social activities of the Alioth Group, but in a slightly different manner. So far, our experts and employees have eagerly been sharing their knowledge and vast experience in the areas of defence, logistics and national security in the form of interviews and comprehensive publications. 

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