Alioth Group supports Ukraine

Since February 24, Ukraine has been fighting for its freedom and independence in the face of Russian aggression. On behalf of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), a charitable organization that brings together representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, we made a number of shipments with humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The supplies we provided included, among other things, the personal protective equipment, essential to the soldiers taking part in the battles in Eastern Ukraine. The support included not only transportation, but also fulfillment of all necessary procedures related to export permits and customs in cooperation with Polish and Ukrainian Governments. It is a great honor to be able to participate in humanitarian missions in Ukraine, supporting the freedom aspirations of the Ukrainian people. We are grateful to our friends at UWC for their trust during such a difficult time and look forward to further challenges in this regard. We stand ready to continue to carry out the Alioth Group's guiding mission.

UWC is a Ukrainian organization established in November 1967 in New York that coordinates the activities of all Ukrainian diaspora organizations around the world. It cooperates with Ukrainian organizations of more than 30 countries.

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