Alioth Trading

Support at every stage of the public procurement procedure

  • Alioth Trading - Zamówienia publiczne w sektorze obronności


    Handling public procurement in the field of defense and security for domestic and foreign suppliers

  • Alioth Trading - Zamówienia publiczne w sektorze obronności

We are an experienced team of analysts and specialists in the field of public procurement related to defense and security.

We mainly deal with trade in products and technology for military and special purposes in Poland and trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic importance with foreign countries.

The company carries out contracts related to, inter alia, with the supply of systems, products, spare parts, logistic and simulator systems.

  • Expansion of the Group's corporate social responsibility - the Alioth Foundation is being founded!

    This year has demonstrated how fragile and unstable is the security situation in Europe. Therefore, we have decided to further develop the social activities of the Alioth Group, but in a slightly different manner. So far, our experts and employees have eagerly been sharing their knowledge and vast experience in the areas of defence, logistics and national security in the form of interviews and comprehensive publications. 

  • Delivery of the PK-21M-2 pyrocartridge to the Polish Air Force

    On April 7, 2022, an agreement was signed between Armament Agency and Alioth Trading Sp. z o.o. under procedure no. IU/161/IX-58/ZO/PO/DOS/ZSS/2021. The subject of the order is the delivery of 200 pcs. of PK-21M-2 pyrocartridge intended for installation in ejection seats K-36DM on Su-22 and MiG-29 aircrafts.

  • Alioth Trading supports the Polish Air Forces through the supply of F-16 spare parts.

    Alioth Trading won the tender for the supply of F-16 spare parts under the procedure no. ZP/III/21 organized by the 31st Air Force Base Krzesiny.

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