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Fiber optic measurement system

An innovative system for measuring the deformation and stress of objects and installations, especially critical installations. Developed by a group of engineers, a pioneering measuring system based on optical fiber photonics provides one of the most accurate measurements in the world (1000 measurement points per 1 meter of optical fiber). Our solution will be used in the energy, aviation and railway industries as well as in the broadly understood field of civil and geotechnical engineering. Moreover, thanks to its intrinsic safety, the system can be used in places where there is a risk of gas and/or flammable dust explosion.

Purpose of the project:  

The aim of the project is to develop fiber optic technologies in the field of determining the state of stress, deformation and temperature of the tested objects. The end result of the work is the development and production of patented measurement systems for testing the technical condition of the installation. The implementation of the project will increase the level of security of critical installations and improve the supervision system of special-purpose structures.

Scope of implementation:

  • Preparation of the concept of a fiber optic sensor using Bragg gratings.
  • Preparation of the concept of a fiber optic sensor using Rayleigh scattering.
  • Building a prototype of the measurement system and its tests on specially prepared micro-stations.
  • Tests on industrial facilities.
  • Implementation of finished products.

Additional information:  

  • Project value: PLN 5,875,201
  • Co-financing from NCBR funds: PLN 4 277 236

Project implementation period: May 2018 - April 2021

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