Alioth Group

Alioth Projects coordinates F-16 landings at the Bydgoszcz airport

Organizing the landings of F-16 aircraft belonging to the US Air Force in Bydgoszcz requires a number of activities like planning, technical support and coordination between local organizations and institutions such as Polish Air Force, WZL No. 2 SA and Bydgoszcz Airport. The coordinator for the eff ...


Securing landings of F-16 aircraft at the airport in Bydgoszcz

After the successful landing of the first F-16 aircraft belonging to the USAF, which took place in November last year in Bydgoszcz under the AAR Government Services (AAR) contract, by Bydgoszcz Airport (PLB) in coordination with AMS and WZL No. 2 S.A. , the time has come to formalize long-term coope ...


Alioth Maintenance Solutions was involved in USAF F-16 landing in Bydgoszcz

After USAF F-16 Maintenance Center opening ceremony in Bydgoszcz, Alioth Maintenance Solutions was involved in securing a safe landing for the another F-16 being released to maintenance to AAR Government Services Inc. responsible for USAFE F-16 Depot located at WZL No2 JSC in Bydgoszcz. Our contribu ...


Alioth Maintenance Solutions participates in the establishment of the Maintenance Center for F-16 aircrafts belonging to the USAF

On November 14, 2022, the Service Center for F-16 Aircraft for the United States Air Force (USAF) was opened at Military Aviation Plant No. 2 S.A. in Bydgoszcz with the participation of the Government and local officials. The main contractor for the agreement with the USAF is AAR Government Services ...


Alioth Maintenance Solutions attended the Worldwide Review conference

From September 12 to 15, 2022, representatives from Alioth Maintenance Solutions have participated in the annual F-16 aircraft operations support conference (Worldwide Review) organized by the Technical Coordination Group (TCG) of Hill Air Force Base. The conference was held in Ogden, Utah. The Tech ...