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Processing information from space

Alioth Space sp. z o.o. is active in research and development based on innovative artificial intelligence solutions using satellite data and other data sources.

The company has the scientific potential of one of the most important and recognised research universities in the country.

We work with business solution leaders to create, among other things, capabilities in the areas of:

Utilising the Earth’s satellite imaging capabilities to detect, predict and prevent potential forest fires.

Development of AgriTech applications and services using space.

Oil spill detection using multispectral remote sensing data.

  • Two F-16 aircraft standing on the tarmac

Two USAF F-16 arrived to Bydgoszcz

Two USAF F-16 have landed at the airport in Bydgoszcz for airframe service life extension (SLEP) maintenance. As before, specialists from the Polish ...

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+48 22 247 83 69
+48 22 878 76 15
+48 22 247 83 69
+48 22 878 76 15