Agreement on cooperation in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Warsaw University of Technology
The Aerospace Research Center of the Warsaw University of Technology is a leading research center in the area of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and has an extensive infrastructure and research teams working on issues related to unmanned systems for both civilian needs and the security area.

The Warsaw University of Technology has entered into an agreement with Alioth Logistics to cooperate in carrying out research and development projects, particularly those related to the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) domain. The parties to the Agreement will also act jointly in the sphere of dissemination and promotion of scientific and technical knowledge related to the BSP domain, and will deal with the organization of scientific conferences, seminars, as well as training courses related to the use of drones and anti-drone systems. The first of the joint projects concerns the possibility of testing and evaluating the development of Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS).

Alioth Logistics, which is part of the Alioth Group comprising companies operating in the sphere of national defense and security, carries out, among other things, projects in the area of consulting, service and training for the Armed Forces, as well as trade in products and technology for military use.

For the purposes of the aforementioned project, on a mutually agreed basis – Warsaw University of Technology will provide Alioth with access to the infrastructure of the Aerospace Research Center of Warsaw University of Technology, necessary for the purposes of the project, while Alioth Logistics will make available the know-how related to the testing and evaluation of the development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

photo by Pawel Waligóra