Alioth Group, a consortium of industrial and technology companies, is proud to announce the start of a strategic partnership with Play of Battle, a gaming company. As the third largest investor, Alioth will not only strengthen the project financially, but will also actively participate in its development. The decision to commit capital, underscores Alioth’s commitment to supporting innovative projects that have the potential for social and market impact.

Play of Battle, the fruit of collaboration between well-known geopolitician Jacek Bartosiak and the Noobz from Poland studio, is the working title of a game that combines elements of Grand Strategy Wargame with RTS (real-time-strategy). The plot focuses on the rivalry of global superpowers between 2008 and 2025, technological competition and next-generation conflicts, with current topics such as Russian aggression against Ukraine. Players not only make strategic decisions, but also command on the battlefield, which challenges them both in managing a country and its position on the international stage. Play of Battle also allows participants to better understand the impact of the latest technological advances on the modernization and effectiveness of the military, reflecting how advanced technologies are revolutionizing not only the concept of war, but also the tactics of direct clashes.

The cooperation with Alioth opens Play of Battle to access to unique resources and expertise in the defense and military fields, and thus substantive consultation on the project. In addition, Krystian Zięć – CEO of Alioth, will join Play of Battle’s board of directors, ensuring continuity and efficiency in the implementation of the company’s development strategy. By offering strategic and operational support, Alioth will also contribute to strengthening the game’s position in the market.

The decision to invest in Play of Battle is dictated by the company’s desire to continuously develop and expand its competencies. We are not afraid of bold investments if we believe in their success. And this is the case with Play of Battle. We want to co-create a project that has the ambition not only to provide entertainment, but also to shape awareness and understanding of global dependencies and conflicts. We also see great educational potential for the game.

One of our goals is to show that effective resource management allows you to achieve an advantage that increases your ability to deter potential threats, even without direct conflict,” concludes Krystian Zięć.

The game, with the working title “Play of Battle,” is scheduled for release in 2025. Before that, a playable demo will be made available in October of this year.