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Alioth Projects is a company whose personnel core consists of specialists with many years of experience in managing organizations and institutions in the defense sector, including the Military.  Our specialists have competences in a number of areas related to military technology, i.e. production planning, determining financial needs, performing maintenance and repairs, providing administrative support, etc. 

In addition, Alioth  Projects has  at its disposal all the resources of the entire Alioth Group, especially the competences of dedicated companies, i.e. Alioth Trading in the  purchase of spare parts and equipment,  Alioth Training in the field of  specialized training  and Alioth Forwarding in the field of comprehensive Customs and forwarding services.

Providing of comprehensive services (turn-key solutions) in the implementation and further support of the operations of modern and complex weapon systems and defense technology, while optimizing the time and costs of implemented projects.


PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 NO 1533/S/2022
AQAP 2110:2016 NO 1533/A/2022

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+48 22 247 83 69
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