Technical maintenance of military aircraft and engines

We offer support in a wide range of technical maintenance of military aircraft and engines ranged from maintenance, inspections and repairs to modifications.

We guarantee increased service efficiency by providing a team of comprehensively trained and highly motivated aerospace technicians and engineers proficient in specialized technical and aerospace English language.

Our range of specialties includes: aircraft technician, engine, avionics, structure, NDI, armament and egress. Through our network of national and international contacts, we are capable to secure the needs in other specialties.

We implement long-term projects as well as respond to ad hoc needs. Our experience allows us to flexibly adapt to the needs and requirements of the Customer. We support the operation of aircraft and engines on-site with  teams of technicians in the areas of:

  • Performing ongoing maintenance.
  • Performing periodic maintenance.
  • Performing preventive reviews (including borescope).
  • Repairs and modernization of aircraft and engines.
  • Execution of technical bulletins (TCTO).



Aerospace engineering support

Our team has extensive experience in carrying out inspections (including borescope), tests and trials. Our knowledge and experience allow for a precise and time-effective assessment of the technical condition of the aircraft and engine.

Our aviation engineers will provide diagnostics of aircraft and engines based on the results of inspections, detected symptoms or analysis of operating parameters. We are able to efficiently and accurately isolate damaged components of a faulty system, assess their condition and indicate further actions.

Aerospace Engineering Project and Program Management

Our managers have unique experience in the implementation of maintenance organization projects. We provide effective support in the organization of work, establishing structures, procedures and audits throughout the life cycle of the aircraft and associated equipment.



Specialized training

In parallel with aircraft maintenance, we offer training of maintenance personnel.

Our instructors provide theoretical and practical training of maintenance personnel, whether starting from scratch or already having basic knowledge of the supported equipment.

We carry out practical training by transferring knowledge during maintenance performance as OJT (On Job Training), where the trainees can gain knowledge by working side by side with our instructors.


PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 NO 1533/S/2022
AQAP 2110:2016 NO 1533/A/2022


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