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Our team is a unique experience and know-how in Poland, based on the experience gained during the introduction and operation of the F-16 weapon system in the Polish Air Force.

Alioth Training has pilots trained on modern combat aircraft. Our company was founded by former F-16 pilots trained in the most advanced tactical scenarios in the world. We have advanced tactical knowledge, thanks to participation in exercises, training and combat missions, we know how to conduct training, including training using the latest technologies and integrated aviation training systems. Thanks to the staff of world-class experts, we provide the highest quality services for combat aviation for the Air Force of each country in our region. We know how to organize the basic and advanced training process for the needs of the modern Air Force.

Thanks to our guarantee of the highest quality of services, safety, reliability, added value and priority treatment of the needs of the customer, who is the most important to us, we strive to achieve the leading position in specialized support services for combat and training aviation.

The new, independent quality offered by Alioth Training is:

  • Converting operational needs into logistic requirements.
  • Planning.
  • Decision flexibility.High quality at an affordable price.
  • Engaging only the necessary resources.Individual approach to client.
  • Meeting very specific customer needs.

We train and help organizations to develop effectively so that they operate at the highest level while maximizing vertical and horizontal interoperability.


Our team

The Alioth Training team consists of subject matter experts with broad and unique knowledge and experience in the field of:

  • The US Peace Sky Security Assistance Program.
  • Operational implementation of the F-16 platforms in Poland.
  • Polish and American instructors-pilots F-16 (Instructors of the School of Advanced Aviation Training of the US Air Force).
  • Implementation of the integrated flight training system for the M346 aircraft in Poland.
  • JTAC training.
  • Former Weapons Officers and Instructors of the Aviation Military Academy.
  • Former commanders of the F-16 Air Force Bases.

We offer

  • Audit of the operation of the organization and its subsystems, analysis of the client’s operational problems and providing solutions to improve effectiveness and building a training program.
  • Providing the highest quality instructional services in the field of practical training in the air, ground training and simulator training.
  • Providing solid advice on maintenance procedures to help you get the most out of your equipment.
  • Impact on the organization through knowledge transfer and efficiency gains over time.

We believe in the sovereignty of our clients and we are ready to help in the effective development of their organizations, therefore we build the capabilities of their Air Force and ensure interoperability with allies. Due to the fact that no one goes to war alone, we offer you the resources necessary to build teams. Interoperability is the key to the proper functioning of the air force, so that by understanding each other’s tactics, they constitute a convincing combat force.

With our best Western-trained Air Force instructors and advisers, we maximize the abilities and skills of personnel and equipment.

We will ensure that appropriate advice, instructions and scientific foundations are provided. By using only your equipment, you will receive the promised increase in efficiency and effectiveness of its use, which will affect the achievement of required operational goals. You will take part in training fully integrated with your military structures. Thanks to us, you will create, trained according to Western patterns, interoperable air force.

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