Analysis of: procedures and practices, threats and capabilities

The dynamic development of battlefield management methods forces the need to expand the knowledge of teams with elements related to modern tactical solutions. This is even more important in the face of shrinking defense budgets, forcing a more efficient allocation of funds. Cooperation with Alioth Logistics offers unique opportunities in this area. By organizing and supporting advanced training solutions from Alioth Training, you will be able to maximize your investments in combat equipment and systems.



Tactical techniques and procedures, including development and testing

Alioth Training is experience at the highest level, including in the field of advanced tactical training in the air, development, implementation and evaluation of aviation tactics, as well as simulator and ground training.

The experience we have gained during ground training and thousands of hours spent in the cockpit of a multi-role aircraft as a commander and instructor allows us to effectively support the processes related to the introduction of new tactical solutions from the operator’s level, the creation of organizational structures, key standardization procedures or the necessary infrastructure for ground and air training.

Training: ground, simulator and flight instruction. Syllabuses and training programs

Alioth Training has experience in creating the syllabuses, training programs, as well as in organizing basic training on a combat aircraft. We also have experience in conducting training courses on combat aviation tactics.

Our main task is to increase the potential of our clients related to combat readiness within the available possibilities.



Safety and Quality Assurance (QA)

Development and implementation of safety and QA programs and procedures

Alioth Training has experience in implementing and developing systemic risk management and quality assurance algorithms. The implementation of modern solutions in the field of broadly understood security and quality assurance in the Polish Armed Forces after the acquisition of the F-16 system became possible with the extensive support of the Alioth Training staff. The high standards that we adhere are based on many years of experience of the armed forces of NATO countries.

Support for the processes of building interoperability

The Air Force of NATO countries is striving to integrate into one body that will operate on the basis of uniform procedures and tactical solutions, and will use the same language. Achieving the required level of interoperability is an absolute requirement of the modern battlefield, allowing personnel from different countries to cooperate using uniform standards, procedures and regulations in order to achieve the assumed, specific tactical effect. Alioth Training has many years of experience in this field. Our personnel contributed to the new quality of the Polish Air Force by integrating weapons systems with similar systems used by NATO countries.



Emergency support

Development of operational plans and implementation of contingency plans

The experience gathered over the years strengthens the unique skills of our team. This practice enables us to define, develop and improve the operational plans used in core and support activities.

The use of all the advantages of a multi-role aircraft is the basic challenge faced by planning teams. The multitude of sensors, weapon systems, means of destruction combined with the selected training of crews make modern multi-role planes a lockpick that fits every bolt. This means that the ability to correctly use the advantages of a multi-role aircraft allows you to use it in any type of mission.

Unique knowledge about the complexity of the systems allows for their effective use in a wide range of applications of the modern battlefield.

Consulting and training for the Armed Forces

As part of our activities, we offer consulting and training services for the Armed Forces, in particular special and land forces, special services, government institutions and commercial companies in the field of:

  • Security management.
  • Physical and technical protection of persons and property.
  • Border protection.
  • Operational planning.
  • Technician and operational procedures.
  • Medical emergency.



Comprehensive security

In addition, Alioth Training operates in the area of ​​providing comprehensive security services. This includes providing leading defense solutions for the Polish Armed Forces, public security services, business and citizens. Alioth Group brings together experienced soldiers from the GROM Military Unit, with a unique understanding of modern threats. The company has a license for the international trade in special equipment.


PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 NR 1050/5/2018
AQAP 2110:2016 NR 1050/A/2018


Concession from the Ministry of the Interior NR B-038/2015

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