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MIG/MAG wires , TIG rods , SAW/UP wires, FCAW wires, MMA covered electrodes for welding:

  • low carbon steels – fine grain steels with increased strength, Corten type steels,
  • low alloy steels – power steels, boiler steels,
  • high-alloy steels – stainless steels,
  • heat resistant steels, Duplex steels, Superduplex steels,
  • high-alloy steels – Inconel, Hasteloy , Monel.

MIG/MAG wires , TIG rods , SAW/UP wires, MMA covered electrodes for welding aluminium: Al99.5 , Al99.5 Ti , ALMg3, ALMg5, ALMg4, 5Mn, ALMg4.5MnZr, AlSi5, AlSi12.

For welding copper, bronze and their alloys: CuSi3, CuAl8, CuSn, CuSn6, CuSn12.

For soldering: CuSi3, CuAl8.

Powder wires for surfacing and reconditioning:

  • MIG/MAG solid wires,
  • G powder wires
  • self-consuming wires OA,
  • UP/SAW fluxing wires.
  • Powders for metal spraying.

New offer – Fliess welding consumables

Welcome to our new offer of welding consumables. FLIESS welding wires since 1915 The company was founded by Hermann Fliess in Duisburg in 1915. Within a few years, the company had established itself as a major manufacturer of covered electrodes and gas welding rods. In the mid-1920s, Fliess began exporting high-quality products worldwide. In the 1930s the development and production of electrodes for submerged arc welding began, in the 1950s for GMA welding.

Fliess holds numerous patents and continues to invest in modern production. Today Fliess is an international manufacturer of welding consumables, thanks to three simple principles: high quality, speed and uncompromising delivery of customer orders.

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Daiko (product catalog)
Deutsche Nickel (product catalog)
Fliess (product catalog)
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