Ladies and gentlemen ,

On behalf of ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS sp.z o.o. and SARWELD, it is with great satisfaction and pleasure that we would like to inform you that on October 1, 2021, both companies decided to merge.

The SARWELD company, present on the welding market since 2009, being a dynamically developing company with many years of extensive experience and knowledge in the field of sales, selection of materials and welding devices has become an integral part of our company, contributing to it cooperation with leading manufacturers of welding materials and devices and an offer of a full range of branded welding consumables, low-carbon steels, low-alloyed high-alloyed steels, aluminum, copper, bronze, nickel.

As a result of the merger, SARWELD remains on the market as a strong partner specializing in the production of top layers, protective and regenerative coatings for surfaces exposed to wear, high temperatures and friction ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS.

We trust that the merger of our companies will be a significant impulse for the further development of ALIOTH COATING SOLUTIONS and SARWELD, and the combined potential of both companies will allow us to offer our potential customers a much wider catalog of high-quality goods from global manufacturers and professional advice in their selection, as well as service of MMA welding equipment. , MIG, TIG, plasma cutters and welding torches.

We invite all interested parties to familiarize themselves with the detailed offer of our new catalog of goods and services.

Kind regards,

Maciej Sarnecki, SARWELD