We are pleased to announce the start of the cooperation between Alioth Group and Advanced Archer Technologies Inc. We are currently pursuing a joint project related to Unmanned Aerial Systems domain in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems development, test and evaluation capabilities.

We are forming a partnership between former CIA Executive Directors and Alioth, a group of companies specializing in security and defense for both military and critical infrastructure maintenance projects.

Advanced Archer Technologies Inc. advises clients on the strategic design and tactical use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and combat unmanned systems programs (C-UAS) – including in many of today’s active conflict zones.


Today’s conflicts have exposed significant vulnerabilities in global air defense systems and critical infrastructure, underscoring the threats from dual-use drone technologies. Understanding these threats reduces the risk of strategic and technological surprise on the battlefield.

About us

A partnership of former senior CIA executives, a successful Polish defense company that combines decades of unique experience from the forefront of UAS and C-UAS disciplines, business acumen, and aeronautical research, development and training.

Our team

Bernard Hudson CEO, Advanced Archer Technologies

A retired CIA executive with over 30 years of experience in the Middle East and managing global programs. As the Director of CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, he oversaw all aspects of the Agency’s efforts in the Global War on Terror, including the extensive use of unmanned aerial systems.

Tony DeMario COO, Advanced Archer Technologies

A 34-year veteran of the CIA and US Military, serving in a range of executive positions focused on the Middle East, Iran, and Counterterrorism. Prior to joining AAT, he was the head of Global Security Investigations and Insider Threat at Apple.

Adam Dymerski COO, Alioth Space

A retired colonel with 25 years in the Polish military, including serving as head of Legal for the Air Force and the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, as well as the attorney for the Ministry of National Defense.

Our services

Our team employs actual battled tested drones and tactics currently being used in Ukraine against Russian forces to mimic real-world threats to evaluate critical site security, C-UAS systems and sensitive tactics. Our mobile capability brings to you innovative solutions that include:

⇢ Aggressor/Red Team assessments

⇢ Threat UAS replication

⇢ Wargaming and threat simulation

⇢ TTP & Technology Development

⇢ Threat Intelligence Monitoring

⇢ Bespoke evaluations

⇢ Advisory and Consulting Services

Contact us

Tony DeMario – ademario@advancedarcher.com
Adam Dymerski – adam.dymerski@aliothgroup.pl