Alioth Group

Alioth Logistics

Alioth Logistics is a company dedicated to managing complex, international programs in the field of defense and security. The company is able to trade its products and technology for military and special purpose in Poland, and trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic importance with foreign countries.

Alioth Training

We analyze the situation of our clients in terms of their tasks. We provide experience and knowledge that will help you achieve your goal. We help in the effective use of the weapons that are equipped to ensure a certain increase in operational capabilities needed to achieve the goals set. We will help you efficiently use your resources and show you how to effectively implement changes.

Alioth Trading

We mainly deal with trade in products and technology for military and special purposes in Poland and trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic importance with foreign countries.

Alioth Engineering

Alioth Engineering is a group of qualified engineers with many years of experience in the energy, gas and steel industries. We specialize in diagnostic tests, preparation of surfaces for NDT tests, repair and modernization of energy infrastructure elements, gas pipeline tests and assessment of the technical condition of structures. At Alioth Engineering, we understand the needs and problems of customers, which is why our staff can help in the field of consulting and developing research plans.

Alioth Maintenance Solutions

Alioth Maintenance Solutions is a company that brings together experienced MRO specialists for military aircraft. We offer support in a wide range of maintenance of military aircraft and engines, from flightline maintenance, periodic inspections (including boroscopy), defect analysis through workshop repairs to modifications of military aircraft and engines.

Alioth Coating & Welding Solutions

We are a young, dynamically developing company that brings together a group of qualified engineers. Thanks to an experienced team, we have extensive knowledge in the selection of materials, welding devices and their implementation into the production cycle. The main profile of the company is the production of surface layers, protective and regenerative coatings for surfaces exposed to wear, high temperatures and friction.

Alioth Forwarding

The most important features that characterize the our forwarding company are: high competence and experience as well as reliability and commitment to work. Alioth Forwarding offers full involvement in a process of transport planning and delivering entrusted goods to any place in Poland, Europe and the worldwide.

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